Jo-Jo-Ma’s After Dark York PA



A random decision to stop at Jo-Jo-Ma’s on Roosevelt Ave was a pleasant experience.  The restaurant is a bustling place of patrons, picking up orders to go, or just sitting with friends, enjoying a meal and beer.  Neither Dale or I knew a single person, but as we relaxed at our table, enjoying the rambunctious nature of the place, people we knew entered through the door.  We also met Antonio, who said he was the previous owner of Jo-Jo-Ma’s and also had owned Soap-N-Suds laundromat.  I have no idea if he was telling the truth or just messing with me, but either way, he was happy to chat.

While I am far from fluent in Spanish, I could pick-up on conversations while we were eating.  One gentleman left, but before exiting, he surprised his friends when he “compró tres jarras de cerveza para sus amigos!” or in English…hooked his buddies up with three pitchers of beer!  That brought a rousing cheer and everyone was happy singing along with the jukebox, eating, drinking and being merry.

Live without fear…York has many restaurants worth stopping in for a taste of their home-cooking!

Oh, and their fried chicken is the bomb!  ~P.

Dale is hungry

We loved the chicken stromboli!!!

Jojo fireplace

How cool is that stone fireplace?


As the sun sets and we were still safe after dark.

Jojo chicken boli

Jojo iron fp

Jojo fp handle


  1. Anonymous says:

    Ja ja ma’s. Rocks

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