Sculptures & Monuments in Philadelphia, PA

Tesla and I walked Philadelphia, excited by all the sculptures, fountains and monuments to take in.  When possible, I will note the name and information about the photograph.

View from the steps at the Phila Art Institute and the steps where Sly Stallone ran up 7 steps before his body double finished the run for him.

View from the steps at the Philadelphia Art Institute, and the steps where Sly Stallone ran up 7,                                            before his body double finished the run for him.


Phila Art Institute PnT at Rocky Rocky Statue

We had a few interesting moments at the Rocky Balboa sculpture.  A man introduced himself and offered to take pictures of Tesla and me.  I agreed and he snapped away.  I realized as soon as I reviewed the photos there was a smudge across the lens.   Graciously, he took over again, telling me he was homeless and moved to Philly after Hurricane Katrina.  I slipped him a buck and moved on.  The Rocky t-shirt looked cool and I asked him over my shoulder how much they were.  “Ten bucks, they’re his,” indicating another man further off to the side.  Pink was my choice but the seller didn’t have change for a $20.  He yelled back over to the impromptu photographer, “Hey General, you got change?”  The General replied, “Yeah, what ya got?  I can break a hundred even.”  I spoke up, “Dude, you just told me you were broke and homeless.”  To which he replied, “Well, I am homeless.”

We moved on.

TT Rocky shirtPausing ever so briefly to catch a man taking a nap on a bench.  I’m sure this is a no-no–him sleeping there and me taking his photo–but he didn’t seem to be harming anyone. Interesting hair, that’s what caught my eye.  He was sleeping like a baby.  God, I hope he was just sleeping…

In their natural habitat

In their natural habitat

Click the first thumbnail to open to picture gallery.  Honestly, the only sculpture I saw that I didn’t care for was, Iroguious.  Just didn’t do a thing for me…or Tesla, who thought it was part of something abandoned.

Meudon Gate Rodin

Rolin Adam 2


Rolin Adam

Rolin The Shade

The Shade

Rolin The Thinker

The Thinker

Rolin The Thinker close


Tesla and I visited many more exciting places.  More to come and thanks for joining us in Historic Downtown Philadelphia!

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