Animals at the Philadelphia Zoo

On with the animals at the Philadelphia Zoo, and the honesty behind the exhibits: some of them are amazing and some seem pointless.  Exhibits where no animals can be seen are a waste of space to the viewing public.  Yes, some of the animals in these exhibits are endangered and only come out at night, but if we can’t see it, why have it there?  The animals can be protected without an empty exhibit, which is boring.

On with the animals we could see, and some of them, at extreme close-ups.  The bears and apes were absolutely delightful.  They were posing for the cameras, I swear, or just naturally as nosy about we humans, as we are about them.  The hippos and rhinoceros flat out ignored us and the camera lens.  Obviously, they are not photogenic.

For the best viewing possible, click on the first picture to open the photo gallery.  Enjoy!

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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