Join Me- Downtown Gettysburg PA for the Fourth of July 2013

Dale and I arrived in Gettysburg shortly after noon.  We went on a portion of the auto tour and found that to beautiful, but entirely too hot to be in a car with no air conditioning.  I walked around and there was endless landscapes and war relics to photograph.  We parked downtown and checked out center city Gettysburg.  My camera loved people dressed in clothing from the Civil War period.  (They had to be roasting)

One stop we took was at the Majestic Theater, to watch a film about the Civil War and the history of Gettysburg College’s involvement.  I did not know that every year, there is a re-enactment of the Gettysburg Address for the freshman students.  That is something I would like to see myself.

God Bless all those that were involved in making our country achieve freedom for all citizens.

Please enjoy the gallery by clicking on the first picture.  Thanks for visiting! ~P.

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