Boredom Happens II

My car is old….21 years old, to be exact with 198,000 miles.  I am very attached to my car, even though the a/c hasn’t worked in years, nor the cruise control and many other little things that I’ve grown accustomed to not having.  Do I miss my Mercedes? Well duh.  But my Honda, she treats me right.

I can’t be upset that the radiator finally gave out, because I appreciate that it didn’t go out when I was traveling to or from Georgia or even Philly a few weeks ago.  I celebrate my car and the lack of monthly payment.  A fancy car need not define me.  I’m good with my trusted Accord.  A scrapper, just like me.

Showing my car love…Tesla, Andrew and I.  The paint helps hold the car together!  ~P.


  1. Oh Man!!!! Why!!! It’s A Beautiful Honda!!! Why Paint It? Well I Understand… It’s Family Time. You Have To Do Something Special. Okay Okay. Cars Can Be Painted. Uh… How Long Is The Paint Going To Stay On There?

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