Momma and her Baby Chick

I’ve been watching a bird and her baby ever since she built a nest in each hole of my neighbors birdhouse.  Deb said she really didn’t want birds in there, but the holes were open and Momma set up in this two story home.

I took some close-ups of Baby Chick while Momma was out worm hunting.  They did some test flights, which were mostly Baby Chick running with a few decent flight attempts.  Momma is in my flower bed right now, pecking for grubs.  There are plenty to pluck.  I’m just glad she isn’t diving at me at the moment.  She took two fly-bys and a few choice chirps to make it clear she was not pleased with me or the impromptu photo shoot.

Enjoy the photos…I’ll will add to them as I catch the birds out of the house.


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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