Double Creek Marathon 2013

Gruver's Orange Army

Gruver’s Orange Army

The Double Creek Marathon was held today, June 15th, in Dover, PA.  A mile and half of North Salem Church Road was closed for the event.  Participants returned on the same road for a total of 3 miles.

Participating in the marathon was a small army of Gruver’s Boot Campers who have No More Excuses!

Downtown the mascot of the York Revolution baseball team joined in supporting the participants and the crowd.

One very grouchy Mike Fetrow refused to move his wide load out of the way.  I even offered to direct him while turning around but he refused.  Eventually, someone notified the police who told him to do exactly what I had offered to help with.  I get he had a certain route outlined by PA DOT, but there were 1000+ people and he was one grump in a truck.  (Some people haven’t changed much since high school.)

Photos from the event.  Click on the first small photo and the gallery will open for each section.

Jeremy Gruver's Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp

Jeremy Gruver’s Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp


line up to start marathon 2013 027 marathon 2013 028


(click to open gallery)


Gruver Finish


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(Click first pic to open gallery)

If you see yourself, comment on the picture and I will tag you!

Great Job Double Creek Marathonists & event co-ordinators


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