Mother’s Day Madness

I believe having a traditional Mother’s Day has become impossible for the Crider family.  Men seem to screw it up for us.

I wanted to pick-up Tesla Saturday night and made that request to John.  I tried to rationalize with him that it would be less driving on Sunday for Tesla.  The court order states I can pick up Tesla at 9 am.  Then she had a tball game scheduled at 2pm in Dallastown.  And finally, she would go back with her father at 7 pm.  (He informed me he would not be picking her up, I must return her to him.)  We live on either end of York County and that is a long day of driving back and forth.  He didn’t care.  I picked her up Mother’s Day morning.

After Tesla’s game I tried to call my mom at her home.  She was feeling so poorly she couldn’t get out of bed.  I reached a recording stating my number was blocked.  Only Walt would block his child’s calls from their mother.  She is not allowed to call me.  Walt and John have similar personality traits, if you haven’t noticed.  Tesla and I successfully reached mom using Dale’s number.  Dale’s not blocked because Walt relies on him for free computer advice.

Tesla went back with her dad (begrudgingly) at 7 pm.  On the way there, she told me Heather still brushes her teeth for her and it hurts her gums.  I already told John to tell Heather to stop brushing Tesla’s teeth.  He (or she) replied with “She can dress herself as well without help!!  But to do it right she needs help.”  I’m not sure what that reply means.  Seriously, Tesla’s teeth are in fantastic shape and were long before Heather came into her life.

At the end of Mother’s Day, I finally sat down on the couch to relax.  Jarrid was stopping over after moving more of his belongings to his new place.  During that time, Zeth managed to fall out of the bathtub and dislocate his shoulder while over at his aunts.  Jarrid drove Zeth to me and I took him to the hospital.  Zeth was obviously in pain and his arm hung at a strange angle.  Arms just aren’t supposed to hang like that….the doctor popped it back into place three hours later.  Zeth was SUPER grumpy.

Mother’s Day ended with me falling asleep in Susan’s car in the parking garage outside York Hospital waiting for Zeth to return with an appropriately hung arm.

Leave it to men to screw up my Mother’s Day.  😉


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