Freeman is the man

Who is this Freeman that suddenly popped up on Amish Mafia?  He is one creepy dude.  Even his sister is scared of him.  I’m certain he didn’t say anything the entire episode.  I bet he won’t even get paid for his non-acting.  This should be investigated.  No one is safe. Nor the animals.

Now if Freeman would like to eat say, Merlin, I’m cool with that.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Is he even related to them??? He doesn’t look like them??

  2. Yeah, Freeman is creepy.
    I wonder how much he’ll take to be my bodyguard?

  3. I’m sorry but I have this weird sexual attraction to Freeman’s creepiness & ‘what not’ portrayal.

  4. Weird, yes, I already know.

  5. I’d go out with Freeman, he’s so intense. He needs to move here to La Grange, in. I think he’d make a good husband if he had a lot of love, patience and understanding.

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