Deserted with vultures

This is the first of a series I will be covering.  Abandoned buildings.

I’ve become fascinated with nature taking over what man built.  If you know of abandoned places (not just houses) let me know.

Dover Township, PA

The main house

The main house

Turkey buzzards move in

Turkey buzzards move in


Waiting for me to leave their home

Waiting for me to leave their home

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Let me know what you think of my pictures.  I hope to get better ones on another trip.  I was alone and didn’t want to risk getting hurt by entering the house further.  Wednesday I’m going to Centralia, PA with friends to see the town that is burning from below.

Watching nature reclaim its territory.



  1. they are fascinatng especially thinking about the stories about why they are abandoned check out this guy was fascinated that some of the houses that he found abandoned were what I would consider really appealing to be fixed up am just guessing the areas they are in makes it impossible

  2. Your pictures are wonderful.The houses look so sad.Oh the stories they could tell of love,life,and death.

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