Late and Falling Asleep

He was in the writing studio when I passed by at 11 AM; only one door away from where class is held.  Class began, between the professor and I was an empty chair.  About ten minutes into class he walked in and sat down between the professor and me.  He handed the professor his vocabulary word assignment that he obviously had just completed.

The professor continued with the lecture and I noticed my classmate was tired.  So tired he kept nodding off in class.  I was fascinated at how he would catch himself as his head drooped and chin touched his chest.  You must be pretty darn tired to drift off with the professor lecturing away in the next seat.  I know the student.  I even taped him with my camera phone as he nodded off.  I haven’t shown it to him yet, but I will.  This wasn’t the first time he fell asleep in class.  It wasn’t the first time he came to class late.

My words of advice:  sleep more, do your homework and get to class on time.


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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