Loving the Comment

Another blogger wrote this comment:

WOW! I’m so stoked to find this blog, it’s the garbage dump of the internet! Keep up the good work, nothing like a Whiskey Tango Trainwreck to pass the time!!  -Puddentame

My response:

Yes, my life is full of garbage. Lucky me. I do have a few roses within the compost area. People hate loving to look at a train wreck. I’m surviving so I just wave and appreciate the comments as you pass through. :-) ~P.




  1. Their comment says a lot more about them than it does you… 🙂
    I bet they don’t consider themselves to be a bully… bullies never do…
    P.S. I noticed you were following one of my inactive blogs… my real blog is linked to my name… 🙂

    • Thanks for the update on your blog! And for stopping by! ~P.

    • something along the lines, “Oh wow, it’s a day where everybody let the kids out!” I guess now there are only ceriatn days that we are allowed to take young children shopping. I didn’t get that memo but he did I reckon. It is annoying and people definately need to learn to think before they speak. As for the age response, I am only 23, have 4 sons and am married and it is fun seeing people about pee themselves in disbelief when I say “Yes, I was married first.” “Yes, they are ALL my husbands as well.” “Yes, they are ALL mine.” “No, there are no twins.” The questions will never end!

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