Rock & Roll Tidbits

Ma Ramey is the Mother of the Blues and one of the first black artists to be recorded in the 1920’s.

W.C. Handy is the Father of the Blues and a black trumpet player.

Bessie Smith is the African Empress of the Blues and populized the blues style.

Ethel Waters of Philadelphia, PA was the first successful black performer on Broadway.

The Hammond mouth organ-harmonica originated in Germany.

Blues music is generally measured in 12 bars.

A Creole is a child with a black mom and white dad.

Music styles that influenced rock and roll: Country, Blues, Ragtime, Gospel, Tin Pan Alley (NYC), Big Band Orchestra, African chanting,

Country music came from folk music and tells a story about one or more of these things: family/relationships, faith and appreciation of your country.  Originated in the British Isles.

The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville was the center of country music recording.

Very popular country music recording family-The Carter’s

Father of Bluegrass music is Bill Monroe.

Instruments of original country musicians: dulicmer, autoharp, mandolin, fiddle, voice

Later Country music was influenced by African tribes (drums) and Spanish ballads (guitar)

The Blues originated in Delta Mississippi.

Elvis Presley is the Kinf of Rock and Roll.  Born in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1935.  His twin brother did not survive.  Signed by Sun Records.  Starred in 33 B movies, served in the US Army from 1958-1960.  Married Priscillia in 1967 and had one daughter Lisa Marie.  In the late 60’s he began abusing perscription drugs, got super fat and died of a heart attack.

Popular Do Wap groups were The Coasters, The Platters and The Drifters.  Their lineage was the Barber Shop Quartet.

Leo Fender introduced the Stratocaster electric guitar in 1954.

The original steel guitar came from Hawaii.

Yodeling as a vocal device originated in country and western singing.

DJ Alan Freed was involved in the Payola scandal in 1962 for accepting money and gifts to play unknown artists records.

1960’s folk music themes were love, peace and racial equality.

Surfer music was the antithesis of folk music in the early 1960’s.

The Beach Boys landmark record was “Good Vibrations.”

Pat Boone was a teen angel who sang black song writers music.

Tired…will study more tomorrow!   Zzzzzzzz ~P.

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