cast cutting and bone pins pulled

Tesla was a bit scared at the thought and sound of the cast cutting saw.  Even after the nurse put the saw against her own hand to show her it couldn’t cut skin.  The sound is intimidating.

Dr. Bixler told Tesla that she had super strong bones.  When he went to pull the four pins out, they didn’t want to budge.  He said normally they slide right out.  What Dr. Bixler didn’t know was for the two years of her life, she only wanted milk.  I’d say she survived on 95% milk, 5% food.  Her doctor said that she was perfectly healthy and eventually she would want more than milk.  He was right, now she only wants McDonald’s.  🙂

Tesla was a trouper for the pin removal.  Even with it being more difficult than expected, she winced a little bit but didn’t cry out or shed a tear.  Her doctor and nurse complimented her on being such a good patient, better than most all their other patients.  I was very proud of her and her toughness.  That’s my girl, chip off the ole block.

If my camera battery hadn’t died, I would have recorded the pin removal.  I only managed a few pictures of her Frankenelbow.

Cross your fingers….no more broken bones!


  1. Awww so beautiful and so brave

  2. Way to go Tesla. Such a brave girl Kayla has Dr bixler for her knees and back. He’s is so nice

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