Really? Everyone thinks I’m trailer trash?

You know, it’s a shame when I have to call the police because my neighbor is so pissed that I ignore her she has to harass me.  Then her oblivious daughter who doesn’t live here joins in on the hate wagon making a complete fool of herself and with her lack of ability to use the English language.  But I’m the one who “talks stupid.”  That stupid talk has put my name on the Dean’s List 3 times now so I’m cool with it.

I ask myself ,”Why does the daughter even feels the need to comment on my blog, especially on posts that have nothing to do with her mother or her.”  I think she hates on me cause I am so damn smart, funny and drop dead sexy.  That’s right….sexy and I know it.  😉  Don’t hate sweetie…not everyone gets a fair share of good looks.

What would be shocking is if I shared all the drama that her momma stirs up around here.  This woman has nothing good to say about anyone.  The minute you turn your back, she inserts a knife!

She can let her incoherent comments anytime she pleases.  We all find them highly amusing even if they are confusing.  There is even the possibility that reading her comments may lower your IQ.

Even if every person living here thought I was trailer trash or from the city, I could give two shits.  (shit is a word that she does know how to spell)

So you have a great day and try to laugh now and then.  If you can’t pull off a laugh, at least a smile.  I don’t think your face will crack, but if it does, I’ll chip in for the super glue.

Talking stupid here, there and everywhere,




  1. reading their comments to you, I found myself thinking “this person talks about respect? Sorry, but it goes both ways”. You are an adult, so are they. People who are ‘elders’ have every bit as much responsibility to be a good role model to their youngers, as anyone else. The people talking to you like that, have not earned respect from anyone. It is truly rude and uncouth, and I laugh at them calling anyone trailer trash – you just need to read a few words of what they say to you to know who really is the trash. I’m sorry, Pattie, it sucks that you are going through this. I have no respect for anyone who says such things as these people have said to you. It is very immature and facile.

  2. i think trailer trash is hot!!!!

  3. What’s wrong with being from the “city”?

    • Nothing is wrong from being from a city….the neighbor’s daughter used that phrase towards me in a derogatory remark in an attempt to put me down and make herself feel above me.

  4. Paddle faster – I hear banjos!

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