Dear Dawn~Thanks BFF

Dear Dawn,

I can’t put into words how much I appreciate you dashing out to save me from serious embarrassment at Gina and Tupac’s wedding.  I should have know better than to squeeze my fat ass into that silk dress I bought three years ago!

Why wedding have to be so damn formal is beyond me.  I was much more comfortable in your hubby’s Steelers sweatpants and t-shirt, and after a few rounds of shots, no one at the reception gave a shit what I was wearing.  On a good note, I kicked ass during the limbo while the rest of the women sat in their pretty get-ups, jealous as I danced with their dates.

You rock!


(This was a three minute, spontaneous writing assignment where I was to write a thank you note to my best friend for bringing me a change of clothes after a zipper breaks on my outfit I was wearing at a wedding.)


  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL. OK I was wondering what the heck u were talking about. But anyways you’re very welcome. Glad I could help my bff. Luv ya.

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