Just Tell~There is help

Ever been told you’re a good listener?  I have been told that many times over.  My shoulder is always available to cry on and my arms always open to give a hug.

People have shared horror stories with me about things that happened to them as children or as teenagers.  It is heart-wrenching to hear the abuse they suffered at the hands of their own parents, friends of parents and relatives.  What I’ve learned is, as victims of sexual abuse at the hands of people they should trust, they felt there was no one to turn to.

I don’t have the answers for why people do the vile things they do to their children.

There are so many questions:  Why does a father molest or rape his child or stepchild?  Why does a mother trade sexual favors with their child for drugs, money, alcohol?  Why does an uncle or aunt touch their niece or nephew inappropriately?  Why does the close family friend always want to take little Jane or Joe for “ice cream”?

These poor children feel trapped with no one to turn to….until now.

The Just Tell organization is there for these children.  The first step is for a child to tell a trusted adult that someone is abusing them.

Just Tell empowers youth to speak up and stop the abuse.

Please take a moment to look at their website and click the like button.  That is just a small thing to do to help this organization.  If you would like to do more, there are many ways to support them outlined on their website from monetary donations to voluntary positions.


Remember, the children are our future.

God Bless them and you!



  1. bless YOU xx

  2. We have this in the UK called childline and it has been a huge help to many what is needed though is better assistance for these children once they have the courage to speak ou, too many are left to live in circumstances they should never have to face

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