Confessions of a Bully

I love writing on my blog.  It’s a place share my thoughts, publish what I write in my college classes, bitch about my endless divorce, make new friends….the list goes on and on.

I’ve recently been called a bully by some readers and by another blog writer.  I don’t see myself as a bully, but I know bullies never think they are bullies.  So perhaps, I am a bully.


I’m many things, but not a bully.

1.  mommy

2.  girlfriend

3. wife (ready to lose that title)

4. pet owner

5. stop reading this stupid shit.

Hells yeah, I can be a bully.  Now if someone gets in my face, I’ll give it right back.

I was bullied in school but didn’t have the backbone to stand up for myself.

I was bullied by my father but was respectful as a child and held my tongue.  (That is out the window now)

I was bullied by my husband and actually began to think maybe I was a bad person, a shitty mother, a terrible wife, lazy, stupid….

My advice is not to mess with me, my kids, my family, my friends, my boyfriend or my dog.  That will automatically bring out the bully in me.

Yes, I learned how to box, but I don’t depend on those skills to get me through life.  I depend on my witty sarcasm and thick skin.  Name calling is silly but if I’m going to be called anything, it’s not Bully.

Scintillating Damsel has a nice ring to it.



  1. Missus Tribble says:

    I say that we walk far away from that hot mess. You’re no bully and you and I both have lives!

  2. i was also branded a bully for expressing my opinion on that blog, I was under the misguided impression that being polite and expressing my frustrations about the bloggers refusal to engage with her readers, which I believed was contributing to problems she was having on her blog, might help her resolve a situation which was developing. Instead it led to being ignored by the blogger them self until three days later they posted another negative blog insulting anyone who refused to mindlessly applaud her and to me being branded a bully, they plus side was before i unfollowed I found you and three other blogs worthy of my time

  3. Well, I’m a bully, too, then. From her blog (which I may continue reading – because we can’t stop – but will no longer comment on), I’ve made friends with all three of you: Mrs. Tribble, Paula, and Pattie. And Fiona. And Lottie. Smart, funny women. I appreciate you all. If we’re not connected on FB yet, please find me.

  4. Sometimes, you’ve got to just cut your losses and move on. I’ve had posters tell me that I whine. I delete those posts to keep trolls out of my life.

  5. I may need an intervention – I so want to write a comment ni the latest blog posting. But I will not do it. Go read it. I dare you not to comment

  6. Gary Synaesthete says:

    Hi Pattie,
    Talin figured out how to block my ISP number so I’m banned! Such a shame – was just getting warmed up! I had nothing to do with the offensive comments – that’s far too shallow for me, but damn she made it easy to have fun with her. I’m a bully, no doubt!
    It’s so good encountering readable English. Talin is a nutjob…so upset she banned me.

  7. There are no comments there, so……….either NO ONE had anything nice to say (!), or she’s filtering everything.

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