For record, anything I write in my blog is told in my words.  I’m not lying about anything and my memories are the best that I can recall.

Having said that, I find the bullshit I’m getting from a certain family has gotten out of control.  Especially considering I never said anyone in that family DID something wrong.

What went from a blog to encourage people to report being attack or to help someone who is being attacked has turned into a personal attack on me.  Threats of court, telling about my childhood, etc. is ridiculous.  No district attorney in their right mind would try to prosecute someone for their writings in a blog.  Especially since we are all nobodies.

I don’t have jack shit to be sued for and the threat of it does nothing.  To make those who want to believe I’m lying, I have taken out names but in NO WAY does that mean what I wrote wasn’t true.  The ruckus being raised just brings more attention to that family all on their own.  Perhaps a phone call to discuss it or arrange to meet would have been a better way to approach it since calling me a liar hasn’t done anything positive for anyone.

Also, the person in question hasn’t had a peep to say.  Odd since everyone else is so quick to claim I threw his name in just to slander him.




  1. So many people are so quick to point out that “slander” is against the law, a crime, and punishable in a court. First, slander is not punishable by law unless what is said IS NOT TRUE, harms the slandered person to the point of financial ruination via career AND professional reputation, and costs that person slandered to lose opportunities for business or current employment. Defamation of Character, another favorite people like to claim to press charges on, is not that much different from slander. Both of these, slander and defamation of character, are grounds for civil lawsuits in which one must prove by a preponderance of evidence NOT by a shadow of doubt that someone committed slander or defamation to the tune that “it cost me X”. It also doesn’t mean someone is held liable to “deceit” or “damaging one’s reputation” when the Constitutional right of Freedom of Speech is violated. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is uninterested in prosecuting people for criminal Slander/Defamation of Character because it is not a criminal action and it would be extremely rare that a civil court, with the exclusion of television civil court, in the Commonwealth would hear or entertain such an issue considering the immense back up of civil action on any given docket. A threat of “I’m going to SUE YOUR ASS OFF, yo!” or some such threats bounced about are not grounds for a civil lawsuit because the criteria for such issues are not met with any evidence of financial harm. I have heard so often from people that they would sue me via civil court for such a thing is laughable to the point that I experience discomfort in one or both sides of my body from chucking. Unless I made it impossible for that one person to get employment or business opportunities, for their business or job, or cost them financial woe in any way; I don’t worry about this threat. There are only a handful of states anymore that would hear such a suit and entertain it when there are bigger things for courts to be interested in any such action and only at the behest of celebrity or infamous personalities slandered in national media that such action is warranted. It would literally cost them more in filing fees and court fees in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania than they would be liable to recover and provide significant proof that I damaged their ability to make money. So unless he has a trite, ambulance chasing lawyer his ability to sue you effectively for Freedom of Speech which is not an offense, I wouldn’t worry too much about such a threat when that person has not sought counsel who would laugh him out of their office.

    • This family over-reacted. Not even for a second was I afraid I would be sued. Those who say they “know” weren’t there and were only worried about their names. I had no intention of name smearing but if you take notice, people are always ready to say they know the “real” me and threaten to tell about me in the past and present. THAT really cracks me up. Every parent that thinks they know what happened back in the 70’s and 80’s while their kids were out running the neighborhood is full of it.

      • I always say “Put up or shut up” when I’m threatened with a lawsuit. People don’t know what their children are doing even now. Text messages can lie, they can lie over the phone, and any child or teen in deep shit has been in deep shit before and knew how to trump the consequences. So any parent that thinks they know what their teen is doing needs to show up where the kid tells them they are and “put up or shut up”. I like what Judge Judy says consistently: “When your teen wakes up in the morning, he’s/she’s lying to you.” The family would have, if the facts you displayed were untrue, simply said: “This isn’t true, whatever” but when people have something to hide, oh hell yeah they are on that shit like white on rice.

        A leopard’s spots are on their skin, not their fur.

  2. Chucking is misspelled, I meant to say CHUCKLING, though chucking is funnier.

  3. I know I do my share of chucking when people act like total ass-hats over someone telling their story…I’m known for doing some troll smashing! LOL 😉

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