Hey PS…good luck with that tuition hike

The most recent board of Trustees met after losing four members.  Increasing tuition at PS?  They should be giving out scholarships right and left and helping the less privileged youth get a chance at a college education and watching or playing for a great football team.  Wait…..they did do that.

Handing those children to the child rapist and big man on campus.

Sandusky must have felt elated at his bosses gift of young boys to molest in a charity program.  He felt he could do anything, even rape young boys and get away with it.  Not for a few hours or days, even months or years…but more than a decade.

Penn State football was the most important thing to them….see how that worked out.

Will Joe’s statue remain?  Changing the stadium name?  College name?  Will more people come forward with information?

Will “We are Penn State Proud” mean anything after the biggest fuck-ups known in the history of child abuse cases and the handling of such?

The Lions Den will never be the same and it will forever remind people how one person having to much power can ruin the lives of many.


Penn State’s Board of Trustees Meet in Lackawanna County | WNEP.com — Scranton / Wilkes-Barre / Hazleton.


  1. Hi Pattie. There were four men who could have stopped the abuse. Those four men instead chose to brush the problem under the carpet. Those four men are guilty of enabling a predator. The main power on campus was the football team, the next main power was the Board of Trustees who failed in their duty to ask questions and demand answers, and the next main power was conceit. They would rather lose the respect of many people than tarnish the shiny reputation as Linebacker U. Very sad, very sad indeed.

    As for holes in the Board of Trustees, that needed to happen too like Spanier, Shultz, Curley, Paterno and McQuery being fired did. Instead of doing the job they were trusted to do, they chose instead to believe Spanier’s falsehoods and incomplete truths. It was their job to hold him accountable and they failed to do that because they really didn’t know what was going on until the Grand Jury presentment. The alumni and other trustees of the university should really band together and get the old school trustees off the board and put in new ones that will do their job.

    The culture of Penn State University does need to change, I wholeheartedly agree. When football becomes more important than the assurance that children will be safe on their campus, it’s time to change the guard. In Freeh’s report, a janitor that witnessed sexual abuse in the showers involving Sandusky stated that he felt the college revolved around football and reporting the abuse would lead to termination. When a culture like that exists, along with a culture that routinely fails to do background checks before admitting people to youth camps on their campus, it is a recipe for disaster. How many other pedophiles fell through the cracks? How many other victims were ignored? How many more victims will it take before something is done?

    Again, it’s sad. Very, very sad and very unforgivable that this happened and he was allowed to continue doing it for more than a decade.

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