Best Outfit

I have more clothes than needed…but doesn’t everyone?  Noone lives like they did on Little House on the Prairie where each kid had one outfit and shoes were a luxury.

Dale likes to tell me my best outfit is the one I’m wearing after a shower.  See how blind love makes this man?  I am pretty tickled to have lost some of the weight I gained when I quit smoking, still naked is not my best dress.

I went to a nude beach in NJ with some friends.  I believe it was called Sandy Hook or maybe Shady Hook.  I just know there were lots of naked people there and only a few looked “good” in what God gave them naturally.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I was on beaches in Mexico where the woman went topless.  Personally, that is the best type of beach.  Why should only men get even tans?  Topless makes sense, but bottomless leads to sand flea bites in uncomfortable and embarrassing places.

Cover your bottom but let the top go free!


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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