Simple Sunday

BIG enough for ya?

I like big pumpkins, I can not lie.

Cook them up and make a pie.

Tesla and I made up this little ditty to the tune of Sir Mix-A-Lots song “Big Butts.” She said Heather got mad when she sang it.  I asked her where she heard it and she said Bria played it for her.  I guess Bria wasn’t supposed to have it….

Maybe Tesla can teach Bria our new version and they will be allowed to sing that instead.  It does sound better than her singing about loving big butts.

Tesla said she did get to the May Fair yesterday but not for very long.  That bothered me since she could have been there for hours with me.

Today John asked if I wanted Tesla.  I of course did and we went for Chinese buffet for lunch.  Finally Tesla has begun requesting restaurants other than “Old McDonald’s Farm” for chicken nuggets, french fries and a chocolate milk.  We went home afterwards and Tesla and I did 8 pages in the scrapbook she won at the May Fair.

Time went quickly and I had to take her back…now with a catchy tune to sing over and over and over…

Summer time soon!



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