Web of Secrets 2012

Everyone has secrets.  That’s a fair statement to make.

Some have more than others.  Others have some heavy weight on their shoulders as they continue to keep their secrets, secrets.

Lauren Robinson, a senior at York College created her Web of Secrets 2012 for the Senior Art Exhibit.  The room looked like a massive spider had spun a web, taking up the majority of the room in Wolf Hall.  A supply of papers with string tied to them and pencils to write your secrets down were off to the side.

Robinson’s web revealed York College Campus’s secrets.  They were difficult to read while attached to the web.  After the exhibit I asked if she was interested in selling the secrets or allowing me to copy them.  She agreed to me copying the secrets and I’ve worked hard on making the secrets easy for anyone to read.

The first time I read all the secrets, at home, alone…I cried.  Not just a few tears, but an all out bawl.  These secrets reveal so much pain on campus and yet they are anonymous so there is nothing that can be done, other than share these secrets.  There are groups on campus to join so loneliness can be replaced with new friendships.  TWLOHA and LAMBDA groups should be huge at York.  These secrets can be shocking….I hope those who need help in dealing with life go to the student counseling center in the Student Union and talk things out.

Life is precious.  Life is short.  Life is unpredictable.  Life causes secrets.  Life goes on.

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Individual Secrets


  1. Krispin says:

    This is simply too emotional for words. It’s beautiful and amazing.

  2. Lauren Robinson says:

    It was an honor to do this project. It took alot of work, but just being able to bring the students together, and help them have a form of healing and annonymous acceptance was completely worth it. Their secrets are ones I will treasure and keep safe always. Thank you for doing a post about my installation. It is something I wish everyone would be able to experience! ❤

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