Chuck E Balloons

I get a kick out of Chuck E. Cheese.  I like his pizza too.

Tesla and I go to CEC’s maybe twice a month.  Usually one time we eat and play games and the second time we just go to play games.

We’re both happy either way.  The games, the noise and excitement is fun.

Come here need a hug.

The Chuck E. Cheese balloons were $2.00 and I wasn’t spending two bucks on a mylar balloon, mouse or not.  Instead we headed to Party City and agreed the assorted package of pearlized balloons!  They didn’t have anymore of the tye-dye balloons that were awesome looking.

Pretty Pearl


Their nips are hard

Dale picked out the smaller colored balloons.  I haven’t tried blowing them until they pop yet, but I will.



Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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