A balloon of a day @ YCP

Just a harmless prop ;-)

Just a harmless prop 😉

Today I took two balloons to school with me.  One was inflated, the other was not.  The inflated balloon had a rubber band attached and a paperclip on the band.  The band was around my left wrist.  I was curious to how people would react.  Some smiled, some stared at the balloon and others just ignored me and my balloon.

Human Communications class was up first and that was my destination with my balloon.  Someone asked me if my informative speech was about balloons.  I said, “Yes it is.”  This cleared up the balloon on my wrist question.  I got the feeling my classmates thought my topic was a little silly.  They had no idea what they were in for.

In my opening statement I introduced myself and stated “I’m here today to talk to you about balloons and the sexual fetish involving balloons.”   I secretly took the paperclip point and popped the balloon causing the entire room to jump and laugh.  (It was awesome!)  With everyone’s full attention, I continued to give my speech.  I shared with the class what a fetish is, and specifically, a “loon or looner.”  I also explained that the act of someone inflating a balloon is stimulating to some looners.  Then I blew up a balloon with about 3 breaths and let it fly around the room and the class burst out laughing again.  (Oh yeah!)  As I explained some activities that looners include balloons or inflatables, I acted out a few.   The class found this very entertaining and even caused a few guys to hoot and one specific classmate (I won’t name her) started to snort with laughter.

I wrapped up my speech with a quick review, thanked them for listening and ended with, “The next time you’re at a party and see balloons, ask yourself, “Do they look sexy?”

I received a nice round of applause, then I fielded half-a-dozen questions from my classmates and professor until the next speech had to start.  After class the professor said I did a really good job and he wished he would have taped it because it would have been a great example of an informative speech to show his classes.  (I saw the current example.  They had real 80’s hair.  Time for an updated version.)

So I’m feeling good about my balloon.  It made its way around campus this morning and was a fantastic prop in my speech.  My campus balloon.

I wonder if there were any looners in the audience?




  1. Anonymous says:

    What did you do with the other balloon you let fly around the class did you take it home and blew it up and pop it too?

  2. Anonymous says:

    could u film it i love to watch? pleaseeeeeeeee

  3. That is the most awesome informative speech I’ve ever heard of!! You were so cool to do that. I wish I was in that class with you. I have a major balloon fetish and know I would have been soooo turned on! I love to blow up huge balloons in public sometimes too!
    You’re one sexy/cool/brave chick! Is it too late to fill out your balloon survey? Take care, Chris

  4. Anonymous says:

    how was d reaction all studuents when u popped the balloons????
    did every1 like ur popping balloons?

    in which class u had shown it????

    • The class enjoyed my presentation very much. There didn’t expect me to pop the balloon so they all jumped and then began laughing. It was a speech for my Human Communications class. 🙂 ~P.

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