I make me laugh

What Kind of Riot?


What an about ME title huh?  I almost confuse myself.

I’m taking a quick break before I die.  Exercising to Quiet Riot’s Greatest Hits album.  If you don’t know who they are….well…Go bang your head.

I pulled that album out and pushed it into the Bose.  It slowly sucked it in, but nothing happened.  A few seconds later a message came up on the screen;  UNABLE TO READ

Don’t read it Mr. Bose…just play it.

Determined to save my mental health, I said, “Ok you’re not the joker!” and ejected that disk!  Mama we’re all crazy now with the senseless bullshit in my life.  I am determined to be callin’ all the shots.

Now cum on feel the noize….it’s back to exercising!




  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you ever hear Voices by Russ Ballard? Thats what I used to get throught both divorces. I locked the voices away looked straight ahead, yesterday is gone. And yes I did bang my head hard enought to wake the dead, a few tmes.

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