My own interview

Name or Alias:  Pattie Crider

Gender: F

Age: 41


What age did you find you liked balloons?  8

At what age did balloons become a part of sex for you? First time I was 14 and had a balloon from a party I had been at.  That night I had it in bed with me and I started to feel excited and warm while I rubbed the balloon (cheap, pink, oblong, and not even fully inflated) all over myself and eventually I slipped my underwear off to feel it completely naked and that was when I really learned how to masturbate.  I was scared of waking my friend who was in the bedroom and my sister.  The balloon was noisy!  Funny, I didn’t even know what an orgasm was back then and didn’t have one.  I just knew it felt pretty good.  It didn’t take long and I did learn what an orgasm was after a little practice.  😀

Is this fetish shared with your significant other? (boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband)

Yes, he knows.

Why or why not?  Because he will try anything new.

Do you reveal your fetish to family? Friends?  Some I have…no one really gives a shit what I’m doing with balloons and/or Dale. F’em if they do.

What about balloons do you find appealing? How they feel on my skin, the static, the squeaky noise, latex smell, popping them.  I think it would be fun to blow up balloons with my friends and video it to see who blow fastest.  Hehe

How do you involve balloons in a sexual experience?  Blowing them up while having sex or masturbating.  I like to hear how the sounds and words I make change with the balloon against my face.  I like to lick or kiss or bite them too.  Dale likes to put them between us during sex and popping it.

Do you find other objects that can hold air stimulating?  Yes: latex gloves, condoms, ultrasound wand covers, beach balls and inflatable pool toys.  Hmmm what else: pool inner tubes, pool rafts, air mattress, and this really odd latex contraption…it was kind of like a balloon in reverse.  The air was sucked out and I was trapped in seconds.  Way cool.

Are you sexually stimulated just by the sight of balloons? (at a traditional party) No.  Might take some balloons home with me.  lol

Does size, shape or color of the balloon make a difference?  I am drawn to the unique shapes, like fetish gloves and stockings.  I’ve seen both before but never thought about putting air in them.  That was new to me since beginning this research.  I like balloon art, one-of-a-kind balloon sculptures, pretty women with balloons.  Clear balloons, opaque, those gigantic balloons at car lots…I’ve seen videos of the huge balloons and would like to try those out.

Are helium balloons more attractive/stimulating than regular blown balloons?  no

If a balloon has a balloon inside, is that extra stimulating? Yeah, I kinda dig that.

Do you prefer blowing up balloons or inflating with helium? Blowing up

Do you ever fill balloons with something other than air? (water, sand, mayonnaise, pickle juice) Yes, but that was inspired by a friend.  I’ve filled them with water.  I been experimenting lately but find it to be messy and unpredictable.

Are the silver (foil) balloons appealing? No

Do you have a specific balloon memory from childhood? Good or bad? Just the one at age 14.  As an adult I’ve always had balloon popping games for my kids parties.  I “liked the balloons like a 5 year old likes balloon.” The kids had fun and that’s what it was about.

Do you like to pop balloons? Yes.  The more I pop them, the more I enjoy it.

Do you get attached to the balloons and hate when they pop?  Not really.  I draw on balloons sometimes just for fun but I’ve found permanent marker transfers easily to my face.

Do you have a favorite looner moment?  Balloon in the shower was memorable.

In your opinion is there any harm in a balloon fetish? (Physically, psychologically, etc.) No, unless it is being hidden from others and that bothers you.  Guilt, fear of others finding out, scared of being labeled a weirdo, pedophile, etc.

What do you believe other people think of Looners?  Weird, sexual deviant, pedophile.  Others seem to have little to no problem with balloon fetish.

Does being a Looner have any effect on your relationships with others?  No, and if it bothers someone they can bite me or my balloon.  My youngest son (18) is not happy about me posting on FB because it goes on  his wall.  I told him I couldn’t stop writing but I would change my setting so it wouldn’t post on his FB.  His friends apparently want to talk to him about what I write (in my blog overall) and he doesn’t want to hear about my divorce.  I told him to tell his friends “My mom is a writer.  I know she writes weird stuff.  You guys read it!”

What do you find to be the most enjoyable activity with a balloon? (smell, feel, static, popping sound, etc.)  The feel…it gives me goosebumps sometimes.  Nice!!

Any other comments please write as much as you would like.

(Why thank you Pattie.)

Much of this fetish is new to me.  I am open-minded.  Someone likes balloons, someone else handcuffs.  Another person likes whips and chains, caning, knives, leather, shoes, diapers…dressing in fuzzy animal costumes.  Hell, a local disc jockey on the radio in PA (Nipsey, The People’s DJ 105.7 FM) talks about his foot fetish all the time.

I am strong in faith.

Let people be who they are….God does the judging.



  1. Here is your chance to tell me what you think of me, my blog, my balloon history, my other fetishes. Check out some of my older blogs, especially in the poems, sex and pics categories. I think as long as you’re not into children, I can deal with anything. Pedophiles are criminals, not fetishists.

    No one should ever be forced to participate in fetish play unless they WANT to and ALWAYS have a safe word. A good safe word is NOT “stop” that just makes it more exciting. Example of safe words: rainbow, stove, curtain. Even better is a combination of two words. Yellow and Red. Want a play session to slow down, less pain, loosen restraints, etc. say YELLOW. If you are topping, ease up. What the scene to stop? RED. Never allow a scene to continue if you have said “RED.” If the dominant role does not stop, that is abuse. Non-consentual sex is rape.

    Do not experiement in role-playing with Dominant that does not have any experience in topping. You will regret it. An experienced sub can teach a Dom everything they need to know. The best of the best…Is being a Switch. OH HELL Yeah!

    My halo hangs from my horn,

  2. U crazy girl. I say to each their own whatever makes them and their partner happy shouldn’t b a problem to any one else. UNLESS it is hurting someone

  3. It is great to like what you do. Just as long as I am not pushed into popping or forced to otherwise, then I will fully gain your respect to me 🙂 . We love what we love; we are who we are, and that is all that matters!

  4. Jennifer Bowers says:

    I am with you Pattie… As long as your fetish is not children I say have at it. I happen to have a foot and shoe fetish. Sexual fetishes have no limits what turns one person on may make another person go “what the hell?” Every one gets their rocks off differently and as long as all parties involved are on board and safe I say go for it. I am the type of person who will try pretty much anything once (more if I like it) I am a sexual creature and love to find new ways to enjoy myself sexual with myself and with others.

  5. Balloons get me off big time, I hump em soo haed, sometimes they pop before I release

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