2012-03-03 to Today Round the World

In six days—Country and number of visits      C@@L!



                                                                      United States 2,456
     Germany 527
     United Kingdom 400
     Canada 201
     Japan 199
     Netherlands 134
     Australia 124
     Switzerland 74
     Italy 72
     Spain 66
     Russian Federation 64
     Poland 63
     Argentina 60
     France 56
     Sweden 52
     Austria 49
     Brazil 49
     Belgium 46
     Hungary 41
     Czech Republic 31
     Mexico 28
     Thailand 26
     Israel 23
     Greece 22
     Denmark 16
     Norway 16
     India 14
     Singapore 14
     New Zealand 13
     Malta 10
     Chile 8
     Malaysia 8
     Bahamas 7
     Republic of Korea 7
     Hong Kong 6
     Indonesia 6
     South Africa 5
     Ukraine 5
     Portugal 5
     Croatia 4
     Saudi Arabia 4
     Ireland 4
     Luxembourg 4
     Philippines 4
     Romania 4
     Viet Nam 3
     Brunei Darussalam 3
     Morocco 3
     Venezuela 3
     Slovenia 3
     Taiwan 3
     Mozambique 3
     Iceland 2
     Cyprus 2
     Slovakia 2
     Turkey 2
     Finland 2
     El Salvador 2
     Lithuania 1
     Pakistan 1
     Uruguay 1



  1. I’m looking at my blog and the numbers again…making sure it posted correcty. My mind is swirling a bit…sort of a rush. My readers are not just friends and family, they are worldwide. Some are local, right in my town, where I grew up, high school, middle school, you get the point. The majority of the readers I don’t know on a personal level. Those comments, good or bad, stay on website. Occasionally, on a local level, I have had to edit some that have gone over the top, aimed at someone else other than me. Weird huh? I have to protect those outside of my “in circle” only because, right now, I’m not getting paid for any of this shit. Oops, I mean because, right now, it’s the right thing to do.

    A Local and Worldwide THANK YOU for reading what I write about…Life, kids, college and divorce.
    You ALL make my day. Even when you say mean things or are just obnoxious….I don’t care. At least you’re reading. 🙂 ~P.

    • Hey, speaking of local – I keep forgetting to email and tell you this, in case you haven’t already found it for yourself. Just up the street from you is a jewelry store called Carol’s The woman who owns it is really nice. (She did appraisals and cleaning for my rings recently.) She has two Chinese crested dogs, and they each have quite a wardrobe! If Ying likes other dogs (my Skipper really doesn’t – prefers cats) you two should probably walk up and see about a play date!

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