Don’t feed the animal

You were warned

Picture I came across from 2001.  Rated PG.  LOL





  1. yummy post more pictures like this….. please

  2. what will happen if you feed her

  3. Wow! I am all for individual liberties and all, but
    you’re a mom of a young daughter and in the MIDDLE of a custody battle. You might want to reconsider half naked pictures of yourself on the Internet. I can only hope you didn’t realize that your boob is out for all to see.

    • Kathleen…get a grip. I see one boob, slightly visible. After the bullshit my husband has pulled, all the women he has screwed and much more, I hardly see that a photo of me from ELEVEN years ago is going to make a difference. It’s tasteful and funny. Oh, and my boobs still look that good. ~P.

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