Dale~Top 10

****Caution John**** You may not want to read how happy I am in this blog.

My Top 10 of Dale Hollinger:

10. He’s on Team Pattie.  Bless his heart and patience, I guess I’m worth waiting for cause he is my #1

9.  What a crazy sense of humor.  Occasionally I have to make you stop making me-laugh cause it hurts.

8.  He is one smart man.  I have no idea what all that computer gibberish is that you talk about everyday, but you’re good at what you do.

7.  Tattoos,  pierced nipples and scars!  Oh my!

6.  Over the past.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your childhood, the accident, ex-wives or ex-girlfriends, Dale is over it.

5.  Dishwasher.  Bless his soul, he does them by hand.

4.  Respectable guy.  Helps people out, treats people well.

3.  Amazing lover.  He brings a whole new level to multiple orgasms.

2.  Resists the drama.  Bullshit is always flying, he respects me by not letting himself be drawn in.

1.  Love.  I love him and he loves me.  He really does love me.

Not that fake-ass love I fell for in the past.



  1. Why don’t you learn from him and get over your past. Do you think dale wants a tribute to him started off with a comment to your ex?

    • Steve….This is a tribute to Dale. I would love to get over my past, if it would just become my past. My “ex” isn’t an ex yet. Maybe you only read this blog, but anyone who reads regularly would understand. ~P.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Way. To go Dale. Keep it up. She deserves to br happy. And I’m glad u do.

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