Coupons Coupons Coupons

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been clipping coupons.  Exciting huh?

Actually, it impresses me how much money can be saved, especially at BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Not only do they have already low club prices, they send members great coupons and the icing on the cake is….they take manufacturer’s coupons as well.

It’s the trifecta of shopping experiences.  Now that I’ve watched that extreme couponing show a few times, I see the excitement can be even more amazing.  What I can’t see is filling my house with shelves of paper towels, cleaning products, etc.  These extreme couponers homes look like future Hoarders episodes.  Now the Hoarders show is a whole different type of show.  It’s frightening.

Depression can cause all types of problems in people’s lives.  Hoarders are filling up their homes with stuff to make up for what they at some point lost.  The show is painful to watch but with the right experts on hand (and many dump trucks) they help people in crisis survive.  Even worse than hoarding “stuff” are the people hoarding animals.  It’s heartbreaking to see all the animals suffering.

Well back to couponing.  I want to finish shopping today and  I’m also trying to get Tesla tomorrow.  Dale and I are going to see my mom later this afternoon.  My mom is having problems again….that poor woman.  She’s in physical therapy to get her strength up for another surgery.  Sigh….this time they may do a bowel replacement.  That would be amazing and change my mom’s life.

My fingers are crossed for Mom and visiting with Tesla.  🙂

Clip B4 U Shop,



  1. I watch.all the hoarding shows. I scream at the tv. could you imagine living surrounded by your own waste or surrounded by 150 chickens in your home?

  2. This is a nice post for the present situation up’s and downs , Hope we come out this economic break down..

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