Your inspection expired yesterday

My brother Sam had his car inspected while he was visiting home over the holidays.

A few days later he noticed something odd about his inspection stickers….they were about to expire!

Something's not right...

He took the car back to the shop and showed them the stickers were going to expire at the end of this year…and they disagreed!  Clearly, they expired yesterday.  He figures it will be ok as long as he doesn’t get pulled over and he doesn’t want to go back and tell them again how stupid they are.

Inspection good for 1 month…only in PA.

PADot probably has an entire batch of inspection stickers that the month and year are reversed.

Would that surprise you?!


Picture of my sticker



  1. Anonymous says:

    I just got a ticket yesterday morning for an expired inspection. The inspection was done 11/19/11, the sticker expired 11/31/11. The dealership placed the same sticker you have pictured on my car. The officer at 1:51am on 1/4/12 read my sticker and issued me a ticket. PennDot changed the color of stickers from the old green and yellow to brown and rust colors. The year is now on the left and the month on the right. Keep copies of your inspection receipt from the garage you took your car to, as well as pictures of the front and back (inside vehicle) of your inspection stickers. That’s the only way you can get the ticket dismissed. I sent a note to the police dept in the city I live so they are aware and remind the officers that these are legal stickers. Good Luck.

  2. Anonymous says:

    2 days ago, a police stopped me because he realized that my emissions inspection had expired.. ( I renewed them in november 2011 (11-11) and they suposed to expire in november 2012, and they are suposed to be like this (11-12) but they are not, they are like this (12-11) exactly how it shows in your picture…. but i was lucky because in that moment i had the inspection receipt in hand, he checked it, and than he said that everything was ok.. so, to ensure it, i asked him if it was necesary to fix the mistake, and he answered no.. that everything was ok…. this morning i decided to go down the garage where i renewed the stickers and talked to the manager about it…. He told me that my emissions stickers are legal and don’t have to worry about them……. He adviced me, if another day i’ get trough a situation like this again, (to take the officer to court), because they are supposed to know about it…

    my advice fo you; always keep your inspection receipt in your car….

  3. William Schinney says:

    Clearly the month it expires on is 11-2012 the month changes on stickers not the year yours has 9-12 look at twelve it is printed on the sticker and they month being 9 is a sticker that goes on that sticker so your garage is right the inspection stickers on the top are set to expire at the end of 11-2012

  4. I have the save sticker – 12 on left and 11 on right. The year sticker has ‘Pennsylvania Pennsylvania …” as the background to the year, and the month sticker has a grey or white background and is pasted onto the year sticker. If you know that, it’s very clear which is the month and which is the year, but I think it is insanely stupid that they issued such a confusing sticker set:-(

  5. the keystone symbol is in on the months sticker…so no matter if the month or the year is first the number with the keystone symbol is your month, the other is your year.

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