Fairy Haters

Friday night Dawn and Scott Wolf were over to visit Dale and I.  Around 11 pm we heard a crash outside and I looked out the window but didn’t see anything.  I didn’t bother to open the front door.

Earlier on Friday I gathered up all the yard decorations and set them right outside my flower bed.  My intention was to get Tesla’s wagon later and take them around back to the garage.  It slipped my mind and I didn’t really think about the yard ornaments again the rest of the day.

Dawn texted me asking if we wanted to go to the Viking Club for dinner.  They came over to our house after dinner.  Dale and Scott were in the dining room while Dawn and I were in the living room watching Auction Hunters on tvThere was a loud bang, like someone punched my front screen door.  I looked out the window but didn’t see anyone or anything.

Saturday morning around 11 am, I went out the front door with Ying and found this.

Fairy 1

My first thought was “some idiot smashed the fairy that didn’t have a broken wing and stole the one that was broke.”  The fairies were wedding gifts from my friends Joyce Fetter at Labor & Industry and the other was from Kim and Dave Oburn.  Friends I had made through my co-workers, Scott and Malinda Ettinger.  Had some great times with all my work friends.  We all fell out of touch after I retired from my state career.

The fairies have been part of my yard decorations ever since John and I received them in 2005.  They had a long life, those fairies.  John and my marriage….not so long.

I kept the head-he's keeping his eyes open for deviants


The second fairy wasn’t stolen after all.  Someone smashed that one against my neighbor’s door.  Her screen door actually broke and she called the police and landlord.  I called the police also and they returned my call noting a second fairy was smashed and my screen door was dented.  They asked if I had any suspects.  I said, “not really” and that was the end of the fairy tale.

I imagine it was kids walking up Rt 74 with nothing better to do then ruin other people’s property.

Fairy killer!



  1. There is a special place in hell for fairy killers.

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