It’s the wait that kills ya

It is very possible that Judge Dorney already knows what her decision is concerning which parent gets majority custody.  My lawyer said he would have been surprised if she ruled the last day of the hearings.  My lawyer wasn’t surprised when the judge ended the hearing by announcing she had a dog in a contest online and wanted everyone to vote for her dog.

I don’t talk to Tesla about the possibility of her changing schools.  While my lawyer feels confident I will get custody, I would rather just wait to hear the words out of Judge Dorney’s mouth on November 21st.  Maybe we will hear her announce if her dog won that contest!

When November 21st finally gets here, I am debating if Tesla should go to hear the decision.  I don’t intend to blindside her that day, but will explain the decision of where she lives will happen at the courthouse.  I have tried my best to be “real” with my child concerning everything that has happened in our life.  She knows our townhouse will be our home.  She knows Dale lives here and she likes Dale.

No matter what the judge decides, the custody will have to be acknowledged.  It’s the wait that’s killing me.

In the meantime, my lawyer will be filing for a Divorce Master to wrap this marriage up, once and for all.

Time to get real,


PS  This came up in court.  Not the letter to Heather but the story of Diane and I meeting for the first time in 2004.  She and John confirmed in court, it DID happen.


  1. Pattie..I hope u voted for her dog. Lol….2nd I don’t think id bring Tess that are such a part of grown up crap as it is without confusing her. I believe in being honest and open with my boys too. Somethings though come in time and understanding. Like the day stephen asked me if santa clause was real. I said what do you think? I wanted to hear his response before I blurted it out for him. He said he didn’t think so and that daddy and I were santa. I asked how he felt about that..he paused and said..well if you think I believe that a fairy takes your teeth and a rabbit hides eggs you’re nuts! I laughed..omg I laughed. But he got it on his own without me affecting his decision. Hope that helps..thinking of u P.

    • Thanks Jodie…..I haven’t made up my mind yet and I still have two weeks or so to decide. If anything, Tess has realized that growing up is full of changes. No matter what the decision is, it will make changes in her life. Dramatic changes that go way beyond Santa and the Tooth Fairy. (funny story btw) I don’t know what would be harder for her…hearing it from a judge or John or myself. The judge had asked why Tesla wasn’t present for the hearing. I didn’t want Tesla there for that. To much info came out that she would not understand. Like Daddy just wanted Mommy to make babies for him. Hell, I don’t even understand how I was so blind to see his true motivation….~P.

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