Downtown Fun

The Rev's crazy mascot, Downtown

Watching the York Revolution’s play ball is always fun.  When possible, I take Tesla along with me.  There is a draw back to taking Tesla; I don’t get to watch much of the game.

My Doodle Bug

The playground is much more interesting to her than the men with bats trying to hit the ball.  She hates when a home run is hit and the cannon goes off.  She even asks me, at least twenty or more times during the game if it’s going to boom.  

Downtown's Web

Dale, Tesla and I went to the game Saturday night with Traci Murray and Deanna Maruski, friends of mine from Dover Highschool.  While Tesla and I were at the playground (and I was missing the game) I ran into the VanGeisen family and Tesla got to meet her cousin Colin.  I honestly don’t know if Tesla would have ever met him otherwise as I get the impression John doesn’t talk to his family much.  Last time I saw Colin he was an infant and Tesla was just a little over a year old.

Meeting her cousin Colin

 A very cool addition to the stadium is the huge Downtown bobble head.  We don’t have room for a bobble head that big but I wish they sold small ones in the gift shop.  Even better would be Downtown posters!

Super Sized

After quite a bit of searching we finally found Downtown in the stands.  He jumped up on the dugout for a photo with Tesla.  Dale held Tesla’s ice cream cone and she warned him if he ate it she would be really mad.

The real deal

We left the game while it was still tied.  The Rev’s were playing the Blue Crabs and the game was exciting but Tesla was getting tired…and so was mommy.

What a cheeser!!

 Deanna texted me later that evening that the Rev’s did win.  I wish we could have stayed but Tesla was so tired when we got home she didn’t even want to watch cartoons in her bedroom!

Go Rev’s!!!!



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