Squirrels, not rats

When I look out the window I almost expect it to be raining.  It seems God is really letting us have it with all the precipitation.  Just this morning I walked outside to the mailbox and noticed a grey blob on the ground.

Holy shit, there is a dead rat in my yard!”

I looked over towards the big tree and saw another one.

“What the hell?!”

it did look like a rat!

Upon closer inspection, I realized they were squirrels and not rats.  I suppose drowned squirrels in my yard is much better than rats but either way, it’s just gross.  The trash already went.  Why didn’t I notice them earlier?  I think I’ll bag them up and walk across to Rutter’s.  They are not sitting in my trash can until Monday.  Maybe the coffee smells from inside will wake them.

squirrel down

Ok God, we’ve had enough rain now.  When the squirrels are dropping out of the trees to their death, it is clear.  No one is going to run their well dry anytime soon and I don’t want to keep finding dead squirrels in the yard.

No more drownings please,




  1. Today someone told me their well flooded and they have no running water. Ironic, eh?

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