Angry Drivers

We all encounter angry drivers.  Sometimes, we ARE the angry driver.  This was not the case yesterday.  My friend Kym’s son, Tanner and his friends were walking along Emig Mill Road in Dover and a silver Stratus with a purple heart on the license plate yelled at them to get off the road.  According to Tanner, they weren’t on the road and told the driver so.  Tanner told him he shouldn’t drive so fast.  The driver of the Stratus apparently didn’t like being told by someone not old enough to drive that he should slow down.

Instead of driving away, he positioned his car directly in line with Tanner as if to hit him.  Thank God he didn’t run him down, but he did jump out of his car and yell at Tanner that he wish he knew who Tanner’s parents were so he could kick their ass and then pushed Tanner.  All this over some young teens just walking along the road?

What makes someone snap out like that?  This complete stranger was awarded a Purple Heart for his service to our country.  Surely combat can cause people to do unimaginable things during war, but can that carry over into everyday life after a tour of duty?  Unfortunately it can.  Many of our Americans who have served out country in the military suffer from the after effects of war.

In my opinion, there is not enough after care for our citizen’s who serve our country.  War is devastating and changes a person.  The simplest irritation can cause a person to act irrational.  I understand why Kym was so upset as the whole encounter was unnecessary and scary to her son.  We can only hope this veteran was just having a bad day and not suffering from long-term effects of service to our country.

Don’t walk on the road,





  1. PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is the disabling condition most of our vets are suffering. Only recently did the Veterans Administration recognize that and begin compensating and counseling our vets. I hope this person that did this to Tanner comes around and gets some help. The help is free.

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