Mystery, wonder and intrigue

Because I have been so open about my life online, people are asking and wondering how the hell I managed to get this townhouse.  A very good question indeed.  I know I would be asking the very same.  At one point I was seeking an apartment on Craig’s List, desperate to find a place for Tesla and I to live.  My credit is shot in the ass.  My name is on the deed and mortgage of the house the future ex-hubby is living in.  Said house has been behind on the mortgage payment in upwards of $10,000.  My car was taken back, I couldn’t return to my career working for the state..wound up at my parents house for a year after living two weeks across the street with a neighbor.  (That’s a whole other blog someday)

A year living in the basement of my parents was survived by Tesla and I.  Then Dad announces on Mother’s Day weekend that we have to move because he is selling the Crider house and my brother Sam’s property right below it.  That threw a wrench in things.  I would have somehow survived three more years at my parents….don’t know if my dad would have.  🙂

So, we move to a basement in a Log Cabin.  My new roommate, John put in rugs and walls and made it look as close to a bedroom as possible.  Early concerns of many people was the dampness, mildew or mold.  For a month and a half the basement “aka: Pat Cave” was good as gold.  Then the heavy rains came and the Cave flooded and I knew I needed to find a new home.  Just wasn’t sure how I was going to pull this one off.

During my month and a half stay, I was introduced to the neighbors, Jeff, Jody and Dale.  I also met the children of Jeff and Jody.  These were the best neighbors you could ask for.  Their kids were awesome and played well with Tesla and John’s son, Matthew.  Jeff and Jody were a sweet, out-going couple that laughed easy and kept good company.  Dale we saw only now and then but as time passed he started visiting more often.  I liked talking to him because he was funny and sweet.  After telling him about my flooded bedroom he mentioned we should get an apartment together.  Dale is the 3rd wheel next door, so to speak.  .

“Sure, just has to be three bedrooms.” I replied.  Thinking if I could live with roommate John, a man who doesn’t even like himself, living with Dale would be a breeze!

“What about a two bedroom?” he asked.

“Where are you going to sleep then?” I asked, guessing where this conversation was going.

“One room for TT and one for just you.” he answered.

“Are you serious?  You’ll lease an apartment with me but not move in?”  I was dumb-founded and certain he was just messing with me.

“Yes, I am serious.  I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t think you were trustworthy.  You have to make the rent payments.”  He was looking at me like I was dense.

“Oh right!  Of course!” I burst out laughing.

Talk about God looking out for someone.  I know God watches over me.  With his guidance, family and friends I know Tesla and I have a bright future.  Meeting people that will give a hand to someone in need changes both person’s lives.  My ex-roommate’s life changed, as did his sons, while Tesla and I lived there.  Tesla and I met Dale while living at the cabin.  Dale helped change my life and get out of feeling “homeless.”

So that that ends the “was wondering how you got your townhouse” curiousity and introduces new people into my blog world.

Thank you Dale Hollinger for helping me get a roof over our heads.  You are a kind, trusting man and I appreciate all that you have done.  Also….Tesla thinks your cool.

Blogging from my own dining room table,



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