What is abuse?

What is
If you are being hit, kicked, slapped, threatened, made to feel bad or stupid, isolated from friends and family, coerced or forced into sexual activity, or prevented from getting a job or from having access to money, you are being abused.

Anyone can be an
abuser: spouse, partner, child, caretaker, companion, lover or

If you are being abused, you may feel frightened, ashamed, sad, worthless, that you deserve to be hurt, or that you must stay with your abuser.

Many people affected
by domestic violence don’t think anything is wrong. You may have always thought that spouses or partners
had the right to abuse you.
You have the right to live without violence. There are people willing to
isten and support you.


Physical Abuse: can
include slapping, pushing, punching, burning, using weapons, driving recklessly,
holding you down, punching walls, breaking things, pulling hair, preventing you from leaving, biting, and arm twisiting.

Sexual Abuse:
can include marital rape, unwanted touching, sexual comments, pressuring you for sex, refusing to talk to you about or use any contraception, forced or coerced sex, hurtful sex, false accusations of flirting or having an affair, and uncomfortable stares.

Emotional/Verbal Abuse: can
include threats of physical abuse, humiliation in front of friends or family,
of personal property, insults, disrespect for feelings and opinions, name calling,
possessiveness, mind games, stalking, ignoring you, isolation from family and friends, making all the decisions, yelling, shouting, swearing, talking over you, the silent treatment, and constant interrupting.

Economic Abuse:
can include preventing you from obtaining employment, withholding money, not letting you know about family income, making you ask for money, and giving you an allowance.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Good job,an abuser isnt worth having. Glad you are out of a bad s,ituation.

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