New Crib

Good Luck Cabin Penny

It’s been an exhausting search for a new place to live.  My prayers and those praying for me seem to be answered, an adorable log cabin in West York with a fenced in yard for Tesla and Ying and a garage to keep my Harley out of the bad weather.  It’s not available for about two weeks, but that’s a time frame I can deal with.  Classes start again in three weeks so I am crossing my fingers to have all the moving completed before heading back to campus.

Thank you to my friends and family for keeping the Crider’s in your thoughts and prayers.  I will be registering Tesla for school in West York and pray that she gets what she wants, which is to live with her mommy.  It will be great to see her florish in school while I also continue my education.  Transcripts were issued yesterday and I raised my GPA from a 3.2 to a 3.5.  How that is possible with all the stress in the household, with my family and the pending divorce, I’m not sure!  I want to be a role model for Tesla and make her proud of her mom as I am proud of her.  She is my sunshine during these rough times in life.



  1. concernedforchildren says:

    Wow I am hoping this is not the person whom you just met by placing a sob story on craigs list and them feeling bad for you and offered you a place to live. I would assume someone who is claiming to be educated and want to be more educated would be wiser than just moving in with someone who they found on Craigs List.

    • When my choices are narrowed down to a shelter or trusting a widowed parent I have to go with what makes the most sense. Not all people are bad….some actually do want to help those who are down on their luck.

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