Ghost Hunters

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, stars of SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” made an appearance at Penn State College’s Pullo Family Performing Arts Center. They are also founders of “TAPS”, The Atlantic Paranormal Society located in Warwick, Rhode Island. The pair started the show telling about their lives. They own a plumbing company together and never anticipated having a hit television show. Jason is married and has five children as is Grant who has three children. Neither of the two are doctors or scientists as people tend to assume but, they do have 20 years experience in paranormal activities. Currently they are publishing “tween novels” similar to the “Goosebumps” book series.

Types of “haunting” they experienced are Intelligent, Residual, Poltergeist and Inhuman. An Intelligent haunt is usually a human spirit. They interact with the living humans they encounter by moving objects, making noises or calling out. Residual haunt is generally caused by an object within a home or building. The energy is emotional and non-interactive. Poltergeist haunts are usually negative and can involve human manipulation. The rarest haunt is Inhuman. This activity is caused by something that never walked the earth and can be a very strong presence.

Case studies of the two paranormal researchers were shared by power point presentation. They stressed they were not professional speakers. Even before the show there were technical difficulties and those carried into the show. Jason and Grant had great senses of humor and shared several pictures and videos of show footage. Some highlights were the New Bedford Armory in Massachusetts, when a boom mans weight belt is flipped upwards into his face. The Cash Town Inn, PA where a picture frame moves on the table of the investigators room.

A lively question and answer segment closed the show. Upcoming episodes were discussed with a teaser on new technology in the future to help them get in touch with ghosts and entities. All the episodes are taped at night because “that’s when the ghosts are most active and our photography equipment works best in the dark” according to Jason. Both he and Grant have grown accustom to the hazards of their line of work. It is normal for them to be pushed, hit or scratched when communicating with spirits. “We are working with human spirits and expect reactions from them” stated Grant. Fortunately, they have never had a serious injury or encountered a spirit trying to intentionally harm them.

The paranormal duo and family are now the proud owners of The Spalding Inn in Whitefield, New Hampshire. If you are looking for a Halloween road trip they are holding the Spalding Halloween Party, October 23rd and would love for all the ghouls and boys to attend! Information is available on their website


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