Portfolio of Patricia Crider

Cover Letter

Skill Resume Crider

Professional Writing Curriculum Research Paper Senior Seminar Thesis Paper

Humanities Essay India’s Caste System Visual Aspect Example

Hoina YDR article Professional/Workplace Related Writing Example

http://www.ydr.com/Opinion/ci_25141802/Larges-leap-of-faith-helps-Indian York Daily Record direct link

Slang research paper 1 Creative/Expressive Writing Example

Sen Sem reflection Portfolio Reflection


  1. Anonymous says:

    Love ya Girly

  2. Hi Patricia. My name is Matt.several months ago I contacted u about being a looner. I was wondering if u r still into the fetish. I was also wondering if there r any other looners around us I live in Lewisberry. I would like to meet other looners. Was wondering if u would know about this and if u would have any interest in organizing something. If u have time please email me or u can text me 717 460 3729. Thanks

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